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#RelocateRevolution Update


I’m kinda iffy about posting this on Tumblr…just because a good percentage of you guys are not completely current with what’s been going on with the campaign, and might jump to conclusions and might become over emotional (that’s Tumblr for ya) but you guys defenitly have a right to know. So, updates on the campaign (copy and pasted from the forum below :))

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The #RelocateRevolution Fight


Info about operation #RevoGuitarPick. Everyone needs to send some guitar picks into Netflix! I’m doing mine today.



Update: Read this guys because this is actually working.

Guys, apparently NETFLIX IS SHOWING INTEREST. I’m not saying they are in talks by any means but someone over at Netflix HQ is seriously interested in just how many people want to see Netflix pick up Revolution. 

SO PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL or TWEET or CALL NOW!!! If you don’t know what to email visit this link and copy and paste. SPAM THEM GUYS


(408) 540-3700

@Netflix  @netflixhelps

General Update on #RelocateRevolution


I know a lot of you guys are not frequent visitors of the forum or keep updated on the #RelocateRevolution hashtags on Twitter, Facebook ect, so I thought I would update you guys to let you know what has happened , what is happening and what will happen with the campaign.


  • AMC and the Syfy network have both turned down the opportunity to pick up Revolution because of their focus on their original shows. And just for reference, Syfy is owned by NBC Universal so their disinterest in picking up Revolution was predicted.
  • For those campaigning for the CW to pick up Revolution it is highly, highly unlikely because the network would simply not have the production budget. It would even be highly unlikely that the CW would even be able to take on Billy Burke and Giancarlo as actors.
  • As of right now Netflix, HBO and TNT are our best chances because of Netflix’s current disposal budget, HBO’s big budget shows and knack for snatching up sought after actors, and TNT’s interest in picking up “edgier and youthful shows”

 Campaigning Tactics:

  • We are continuing to use the hashtag #RelocateRevolution on all social media sites. 
  • Key people to tweet the fan videopetition and/or #RelocateRevolution are @Netflix, @netflixhelps, @jon_favreau(executive producer and current social media spokesperson for creator Eric Kripke) @bad_robot (the production company) and @tntdrama.
  • We are currently trying to get together people to send emails, call and mail letters to Netflix inquiring about picking up Revolution. Email: TSarandos@Netflix.com (Head of Content) Phone: Netflix - (408) 540-3700 HBO - (212)-512-1000. If you guys need any talking points visit this link »> x 
  • WE NEED TO SEND IN LETTERS to Netflix!                                Address:  Netflix Corporate Headquarters
    100 Winchester Circle
    Los Gatos, CA 95032
  • Also, if you have a Netflix account, leave good reviews on Revolution S1 and recommend Revolution in reviews on other shows that include the same premises or cast member. WITHOUT SPAMMING.

 Campaign Pros

  • Currently none of the main cast has been casted or auditioning for new series according to their IMDB profiles which are often updated instantaneously. Which on our part is great news because creator Eric Kripke could be telling the cast to wait for future developments on the future of the show. And if any of the main cast moves on…that would be bad news.
  • An article in the Epoch times has recognized our movement and brought attention to our campaign. We are aiming for more articles like this so leave Facebook comments and Tweets to various media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Variety, E! (although the E! network is owned by NBC universal as well)
  • We have reached over 25k signatures, when the previous goal was 10k and 20k. So let’s keep it up guys!
  • Netflix HAS NOT SAID NO. We have come to the realization that Netflix not releasing a statement about the campaign could possibly be good news. At this time no news is good news because Netflix has previously issued a quick no to the Community fans who petitioned to have their show picked up. They have not released a statement regarding Revolution yet so Kripke might be pitching to them at the moment. So it is crucial we keep Netflix in our sights.

Cast and Crew Updates:

  • Executive Producer Jon Faverau has been on our side through this whole campaign, and because creator of Revolution, Eric Kripke does not have any social media outlets, Jon has been speaking on his behalf. Jon has released the following statements about the campaign so far x,x,x,x all of which have been extremely hopeful and promising. As he said, he will promise to keep all of us updated. 
  • Stephen Collins aka Dr. Gene Porter has been in full support of the campaign and has been promoting our efforts and keeping us updated as he is one of the most active of the cast on Twitter. (x,x) Although the writing cast has moved on, which was revealed by Stephen, THAT DOES NOT EFFECT THE CAMPAIGN. 

Future of the Campaign

  • As of right now we are waiting on a response from specifically Netflix. I would like to clarify that if Netflix turns us down that DOES NOT stop the campaign in anyway. We will then move onto HBO and TNT. We won’t give up guys. 
  • Erick Kripke along with Netflix, are two of the most important aspects of the campaign in this moment. If Kripke says the show will not be relocated, the show will not be relocated. He has the final say, and we are waiting on a status update on his efforts. 
  • For now, we need to focus on getting snail mail letters into Netflix and promoting the campaign efforts to news articles. Also, KEEP THE HASHTAG GOING. It is crucial that we keep it alive and we keep it in direct response to those I listed in the tweets above. We need to bug them and get them annoyed so they will respond. 
  • Finally, if you would like to help brainstorm other ideas or just keep informed on the latest (I will be informing here as much as I can for you guys) visit the following links. 

Petition : http://www.thepetitionsite.com/553/454/200/revolution-season-3/

Forum: http://relocaterevolution.freeforums.org/index.php

Website: http://saverevolution.blogspot.com/

can someone make a gif of when bass shot that guy in the last episode?



i cant find a gif of bass shooting that guy and killing him from thje last episode can someone link me? 

That guy meaning Scanlon, the blond from the war clan? I haven’t seen that gif yet.

If you mean this scene, here you go:

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